10 marketing stats to boost your marketing in 2022

10 marketing stats to boost your marketing in 2022


#1 60% of small businesses in the UK use Paid Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertising covers everything from social media advertising, display advertising, re-marketing (those adverts that follow you around the internet), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and video advertising.

You’ve probably dabbled in social media advertising – the boost now button on Facebook and low minimum budget, makes it easy to give social media advertising a go.

Or perhaps you’re one of the 40% not using paid digital advertising at all and you’re not really sure where to start, find out how we could help kickstart your digital advertising with a discovery session.


#2 86% of UK businesses use content marketing

Content marketing is BIG! But did you know that only 38% of businesses using content marketing actually have a content strategy?

We know, strategy is a scary word but in simple terms, it really just means a plan to reach the right audience and help you reach your goals.

You could be producing loads of content but is it what your audience wants to read, listen or watch?


#3 78% of internet users use Youtube, making it the biggest social media platform in the world

Are you using YouTube for your business? YouTube is one giant search engine and millions of people login everyday to watch videos from funny fails, to learning ‘how to’.

How could you make YouTube work for your business? Are you producing video content on other platforms? Would it work on YouTube too?


#4 81% of advertisers use social media

And it’s easy to see why! Social media is a free way to get in front of large audiences and build a community of people mad about your product. Social media advertising is also cost effective and can work well with smaller budgets, plus you’re getting in front of large audiences at a relatively low cost – particularly on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


#5 In 2020 there was a 15% increase in digital video spend

With the rise of Instagram Stories, Reels and TikTok, it’s no wonder video spend has increased. The way we consume content is changing and video is a big part of that.

Do you use video anywhere? Could video work for your business?


#6 64% of advertisers invest into SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you get found in search engines – the higher up you are, the more likely you are to be found. SEO is a long term investment, you won’t see results instantly but it’s well worth the effort.


#7 Blog posts need to have 1,000 words

As mentioned above, most people use content marketing for their business, but did you know that blogs need to have 1,000 words to appear higher up in search rankings? So instead of concentrating on lots of smaller blog posts, is there a way you could invest the time writing a longer one, less times a month?


#8 The UK has an average email open rate of 19.27%

We were surprised by this fact! How is your email marketing performing, are you seeing open rates like this? If not, have you considered reviewing your data to remove bounced contacts and ones who never open anything? Could you think about the content that’s going into your newsletter to make it more engaging and appealing to your target audience?


#9 50% of ecommerce sales were made on mobile

Is your website optimised for mobile? No? Then make this a priority in 2022, especially if you’re a retail business selling products online. More and more people browse on their phone rather than on a desktop so it’s vital your website works well on mobile devices.


#10 The ROI for digital marketing in the UK is 12:1

If the 9 other reasons aren’t enough to persuade you to implement a digital marketing strategy into your business, then this ROI statistic should.

Want to implement some of these methods into your marketing in 2022 but not sure where to start?

We designed Your Marketing Manager to help businesses like you. We’re your virtual marketing team – one point of contact helping you to do all of your marketing and be on hand for discussing ideas, strategic direction and ongoing plans.

We formulate a strategy and we’ll tell you what activities would be best to reach your goals. You tell us your budget and we can work on an ad-hoc basis or we can create a monthly activity plan in a set number of hours to suit…

Want to know more? Book a free 30 minute call here.

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