24 Ideas For Your ESG Policy

24 Ideas For Your ESG Policy

Environmental, Sustainable and Governance – ESG is not a new acronym, but it seems to have encompassed CSR aka Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is here to stay but sits cutely under the umbrella of ESG.

Let’s talk through each area here before diving into the actionable things you can do in your business. ESG is the term used to assess a company’s sustainability standards. Essentially, it’s defined by the policies and frameworks a business puts in place around these key areas:

Environmental: the energy and resources a business uses, including carbon emissions and waste.

Social: How you support people within your business, your local community, for example through employee wellbeing, charity fundraising, or diversity, equity, and inclusion activities.

Governance: How you govern, make ethical decisions, and stay within the law while running your business. For example, factoring how your choices could impact stakeholders, consumers, and investors.

What 24 things can you do to help you along in your business’s ESG journey? The list is not exhaustive, and every business will have an angle they can take or different things they can do to contribute to the success of their strategy.

Get started:

  • Get a data insight on your carbon footprint – share this internally for feedback with your team.
  • Review the UN 17 SDG’s – use this as a guide, go through each 17 to help assess what you can change – it won’t all be relevant to you.

    – Armed with the above information, you can set future goals for what you can change.
  • Devise an ESG strategy- detail what and how you’ll move toward your goals.
    – Set a vision for your future aspirations for your ESG policy goals – put this information on your website.
  • Get everyone on board with your vision and share it with your audience and employees, via your website and social media.

24 ideas for your ESG:

  1. Create a vision board for your ESG goals – infographics and digital ways to communicate it.
  2. Celebrate all of the good things you are already doing.
  3. Start, join or contribute to a local committee.
  4. Have employee volunteer days – give back to your community.
  5. Build your ESG activities into KPIs and business goals.
  6. Communicate your ESG efforts to your team regularly.
  7. Create a collection scheme for your services/products to raise charitable funds.
  8. Change branded items to environmentally friendly alternatives.
  9. Start an ESG committee/focus group or have champions in your business.
  10. Add it to your board/ monthly meeting agenda to address your objectives for ESG.
  11. Give your team the opportunity to get involved – helps attract and retain your team.
  12. Talk about it – tell the story of your ESG journey.
  13. Appraise your social impact – what can you do better?
  14. Partner with other businesses – collaborate with competitors to have a bigger impact on your cause.
  15. Review your supply chain partners.
  16. Partner with higher education partners – UoK KTP
  17. Employ apprentices in your business.
  18. Work with schools, colleges and universities to share your knowledge of your industry.
  19. Review your pay policy – pay living wages close gender pay gaps.
  20. Can you be recognised for your efforts through certification in your industry or via BCorp?
  21. Can you offset some of the impact you have?
  22. Can you communicate your values through your ESG activities?
  23. Don’t shy away from shouting about what you are doing for fear of it not being enough – have a plan and celebrate your actions toward the goals.
  24. Attend events to hear about developments on ESG locally.

Examples of marketing your ESG successes could look like this….

If you need some help communicating your efforts towards your ESG efforts, we can run through our checklist and strategise a way to celebrate your successes to date through marketing.

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Written by Lydia Mckeown

Marketing Director

Lydia founded I Do Marketing in 2016 and has chartered marketer status. Lydia acts as a Marketing Director for a select few of our clients and works with the team on the client’s strategies. She does lots of consultations with new clients and runs our discovery sessions. She also writes client marketing plans and strategy which feeds into all of the marketing we produce or plan for our clients.

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