30 Content Ideas For Social Media

Do you struggle with content for your social media?

Here are 30 content ideas for you to use:


1. Videos – Pro tip: You can share video on any of your channels.

2. Live videos –  Four out of five people would rather watch a live video, according to a survey done by Vimeo.

3. Your employees – Try featuring posts by a few of your employees.

4. Company news – Share exciting news about your organisation on your social media feeds. 

5. Market data – If your company has original data that provides important insights into what you do.

6. Articles and blog posts – If you have a company blog, share the articles to your social media feeds with direct links.

7. Behind-the-scenes looks – Your followers are interested in what you do, so share a little bit of information about that with them.

8. Competitions and giveaways – Reward your followers, and gain new ones, by hosting a contest or giveaway on your social media channels.

9. Influencer content – Pair up with an influencer who fits well with your brand.

10. GIFs – GIFs, or simple moving images, are a popular way of communicating on social media. 

11. Animations – In a way, animations combine the social media appeal of both GIFs and videos. 

12. Product photos – Get creative and find new ways to share photos of your products online.

13. User-generated content – If you have fans who use your products and services to create their own social media content, reach out and ask to repost it (with credit) on your accounts.

14. Instagram Stories – Don’t forget about Stories when using Instagram! It’s a popular feature on the platform, with 500 million stories being posted every single day.

15. Interesting or inspirational quotes – These types of posts are especially popular on Instagram.

16. Guest takeover posts – This is like posting influencer content, but with a twist. Have someone take over your social media account.

17. Industry news – Besides sharing news about your organization on your social media accounts, share relevant articles and updates about your industry as well.

18. Infographics – Visual infographic posts can be a great way to share a lot of information quickly.

19. Previews and teasers – Give your social media followers the feeling that they’re company insiders by sharing a sneak peek at what you have coming up.

20. Memes – Just as GIFs are a way to use social media content to engage with wider cultural conversations, meme posts help your organization’s social media accounts appear relevant and fun.

21. A peek inside your product – This is a twist on product photos. Instead of just showing your product in a photo or video, give your followers a look inside that they otherwise might not get until they buy it.

22. Customer photos – repost customer photos.

23. Client feedback – post reviews from customers on to your grid and story.

24. Questions – Engagement is important on social media, and one simple way to get that is to ask your followers an open-ended question.

25. Tips and tricks –  if you just have some insider advice to share, put those on your social media accounts.

26. Evergreen blog posts – If you have older content that is still relevant or has become relevant again, often referred to as “evergreen” content, consider re-sharing it.

27. Events – Event posts are obvious in some instances, like if you are hosting a party or workshop. But think about using event pages on Facebook for more than just physical gatherings.

28. Twitter conversations – Many people go to Twitter for breaking news, but it can also be a great place to have conversations with your customers.

29. Polls and surveys – People love to be asked their opinion, create polls and quizzes.

30. Press mentions- Has your brand received positive media attention lately? Brag about it! Share flattering press mentions of your brand, or your industry, with your social media followers on your various platforms.

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