A year in review

A Year In Review

It has been an amazing year for the I Do Marketing Team in 2023. We feel extremely proud of our hard work and accomplishments, as well as the successes of our clients.

Let’s take a closer look at everything we have done this year.

Networking Events

Our team has been on the move this year and attended a whopping 60 networking events throughout Kent! We absolutely love networking, as it provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with people from various industries. You never know who you’ll meet; these connections could help further grow your business in ways you never thought.

We organize a monthly networking event, Innovative Networking held at the Innovation Centre in Canterbury. We aim to build a community of like-minded business people coming together to share ideas and grow your network.

Our last Innovative Networking event of the year was an absolute blast! We had the pleasure of hosting Jonathan Piggins, the founder of Corkk, an English wine specialist, who led a wine-tasting session while sharing his incredible industry knowledge. It was an unforgettable evening filled with great wine, fascinating insights, and wonderful company

Marketing Trends 2024

Email Marketing

This year, we’ve sent out a whopping 164 email campaigns! It’s been so much fun helping our clients educate, inform, and entertain their email subscribers. Email marketing is a perfect way to stay in touch with your clients and keep them in the loop on all the latest news, changes, and discounts. We have helped to grow email subscriber lists too.

Some of the best email campaigns have been those that highlight the latest innovations within their industries, discuss recent charitable efforts, or incorporate fun and interactive features directly within the emails themselves. For instance, the John Howe email sent out earlier in December was a great example of this;

Marketing Trends 2024

Have fun with your email campaigns, get creative and make them consistent. Find out what makes a ‘good’ marketing email here.

Social Media Posts

At I Do Marketing, we are fully immersed in the world of social media. In fact, throughout 2023, we curated, designed and posted over 8600 social media posts, shared countless social stories, and spent many hours engaging with amazing content across multiple platforms.

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of creating awe-inspiring social media content in numerous locations, educating people about the vital work of several different charities and highlighting impactful changes within that industry.

Social media marketing is an incredible tool that can also be used by clients to advertise their other marketing materials! When we lend our expertise to design a new website or brochure, we can’t wait to share these creations on social media. Check out this stunning example from one of our clients, WRG;

Marketing Trends 2024
Marketing Trends 2024


Blogs are a great way to help improve your SEO and keep your clients updated with your business. This year, we have written 96 blogs. (P.s. You are reading one now!)

Topics we have written about this year include:

  • OFP Charity Golf Day – supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.
  • The new building regulations system
  • Mental health and wellbeing in construction
  • Apprenticeships: Investing in the industry’s future
  • Marketing trends 2024
  • Six web design trends forecast for 2024

We love immersing ourselves in the latest industry trends and updates to deliver the best blogs. It’s amazing how much we can learn from our favourite blogs and how they help us stay ahead of the game.


Discoveries hold the key to unlock the potential of our future marketing efforts. With insights and analysis, we can help our clients to take the right steps towards marketing success.

The discovery process is a great way to understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses, discuss your objectives, and anticipate any difficulties you may encounter. We will examine what opportunities prevail and show you how we can assist you in achieving success.

We cover:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Target market research
  • Market insights and research
  • Strategy and direction
  • Promotion and campaign ideas
  • Plan of action

In 2023, the I Do Marketing team completed 15 discovery sessions, and each one has been followed-up with the actions that push our client’s marketing in the right direction to achieve their goals and ultimate success.

Marketing Trends 2024


We cannot believe how quickly 2023 has come and gone, but they say time flies when you’re having fun! We are super excited to see what 2024 brings us and our clients.

The best way to start any campaign or execute any marketing strategy is by getting ahead! If you want to try out new efforts within your marketing plans for 2024, we have put together a blog on marketing trends for 2024; check it out!

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to get in contact with our marketing experts:

corporate social responsibility ideas

Written by Ellie Roberts

Marketing Assistant Manager

Ellie is our Marketing Assistant Manager who works alongside our Marketing Managers; she helps support the team by creating social media content and email campaigns whilst completing many more marketing tasks to assist in delivering marketing strategies and plans to clients.

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