Check Your Mid-Year Marketing Goals

Check Your Mid-Year Marketing Goals

7 Ps of Marketing

We are now halfway through 2023, so it may be a good time to check how your marketing strategy has held up in the last 6 months. What goals did you set back in January and which goals have you met?

Below is a breakdown of which objectives you should look out for, and a top marketing tip from our Marketing Director, Lydia, on how you can manage your marketing goals throughout the second half of 2023.

Are your clients satisfied?

One of the most important aspects of any business is customer satisfaction. Checking on your customers’ experiences can be a great way to find out whether your products or services are meeting your clients’ needs. Any feedback is good feedback as it gives you an opportunity to make your business’s processes more efficient.

Try reaching out to your past customers or your current clients for feedback and suggestions on how your services can be delivered in a more convenient way. These types of changes will help you improve the customer experience of your current and future clients.

Have you reached your target audience?

Every business has its dream client. Your target audience should be something you keep in mind when doing any type of marketing. What does your current audience look like compared to your audience back in 2022?

If your audience is closer to your ideal audience now than it was 6 months ago, keep pushing your marketing in the same way, pick out the strategies that seem to be working and change up the strategies that aren’t gaining you any results.

If your audience has strayed further from your target audience, analyse how your marketing plan has changed this year and focus on any strategies that did work previously. It’s never too late to switch up your marketing strategy, take a look at our previous article: How to get started on your 2023 marketing plan and strategy.

Is your website more organised?

Your website is the face of your business online, so making sure it’s organised and easy to navigate is extremely important. The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely you are to get engagement from your online audience, and generate repeat visitors.

Here’s a list of important points your website should meet:

  • Your homepage summarises your website as a whole
  • Your website’s navigation is easy to use and understand
  • All copy is precise and clear to read
  • The design of your website matches your branding
  • There are no gaps in your website that are visible to visitors
  • Easy to find your contact details
  • Each page has a purpose and a call to action

Which ones can you check off? Which points need improvement?

Have you reached your analytical goals?

The analytics of your social media, website and other channels can give you a clear cut answer to whether your marketing plan for 2023 has garnered you an improvement on your online presence compared to last year.

Each social media platform has some form of analytical data that is available to the account owner.

7 Ps of Marketing


Log into Facebook > Switch to your page’s account > On the left-hand side click “Professional Dashboard”

You can now see all kinds of data and statistics on how well your Facebook page is performing.


Log into LinkedIn > Find the company page that you manage > Click the dropdown next to “Analytics”

From there you can select what kind of statistics you’d like to view.


Log into Instagram on your smartphone > Locate your Instagram page > Click “Professional Dashboard”

The dashboard can give you a lot of insight into how your page is performing and which posts have been popular.

Google Analytics:

You can also view your website’s analytics from Google Analytics if it has been set up. Remember to set the time frame to January to June 2023 and compare it to July to December 2022. This will show you how much your analytics have changed in the last six months.

If you haven’t got any analytics platform set up for your website, get in touch with us below:

7 Ps of Marketing

Have you been optimising your marketing plan?

It’s important to know that your marketing plan isn’t set in stone, it should adapt to trends and your goals as they change. A good way to keep to your marketing strategy fresh is to make the below checks every few months:
Identify news trends that have cropped up in your industry and see how your business can market itself in a similar fashion, but with its own take.

Highlight which goals you have met, and set new goals that are realistic for your business’s current marketing growth rate.

Highlight which goals you haven’t met, break them down into simpler steps, and identify which parts of your marketing have the best chance of allowing you to meet these future objectives.

What are your competitors up to?

You will always have some competition in your industry. Some businesses may be more successful than yours, some may not be. Keep a close eye on your competitors’ marketing efforts and see how your marketing compares.

When running a business, there’s always a risk of suffering from tunnel vision, where you can only see one clear way to marketing success. Analysing your competitors’ marketing can open your eyes to bigger ideas, and inspire you to make bolder decisions when marketing your products and services.

Marketing Director Top Tip

Take a day to get some ‘blue sky’ thinking.


Book the date in your calendar. I’d suggest you book into a meeting room or somewhere quiet. Prepare your data/insights ahead of time, print it off or file the PDF’s in a folder on your laptop – e.g. Facebook reports, Google Analytics, whatever is important to you etc.

On the day:

Start the day with some good coffee, fresh air and a good breakfast.

Take the time, break down your day into realistic manageable chunks of time, something like this:

  • 9 am – review your current marketing – look and analyse at the data/insights.
  • 11 am – competitor analysis
  • 1 pm – set new goals
  • 3 pm – plan your marketing activities


Set your intentions and book another date with yourself to hold yourself accountable for the actions you have or should take.

Are you looking to upgrade your marketing plan?

At I Do Marketing, our team has a wide range of marketing expertise that can help your business develop a bespoke marketing strategy, with all your business goals taken into consideration. If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team or find out more about our marketing services, click below:

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Written by Ludia McKeown

Marketing Director

Lydia founded I Do Marketing in 2016 and has chartered marketer status. Lydia acts as a Marketing Director for a select few of our clients and works with the team on the client’s strategies. She does lots of consultations with new clients and runs our discovery sessions. She also writes client marketing plans and strategy which feeds into all of the marketing we produce or plan for our clients.

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