Great Blog Titles To Increase CTR

Great Blog Titles To Increase CTR


Why is it so important to have a good blog title?

If the title of your blog post isn’t interesting or intriguing, a searcher won’t click it… Therefore a complete waste of your efforts writing a blog!

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate… The amount of times someone clicks on your Ad/Website/Post/Link etc

So, How should you choose a good blog title so people click through?

It is ALL in the TITLE

Did you know that blog titles with 6-8 words receive a higher CTR than the overall average?

How Do You Create a Compelling Blog Title?

Here are 6 tips to guide you:

  1. Use captivating headlines
  2. Provide meaningful value
  3. Use actionable words
  4. Optimize for SEO
  5. Practice more
  6. Conduct A/B tests

Lets get DEEP…

Use psychological triggers in your blog titles to encourage more social shares
Jonah Berger is the author of contagious: why things catch on, and found there are six stepps behind the psychology of contagious content:

  • Social currency: People talk about things to make them look good.
  • Triggers: Topics that are at the top of your mind are at the tip of your tongue.
  • Emotion: When you care about something, you share it.
  • Public: When you see people doing something, you’ll imitate it.
  • Practical value: You share things to help others.
  • Stories: You like to share things that are wrapped in narratives.

And, here you go… What you came for LOTS of titles to use for your blogs…

  1. 100 Useful _________
  2. _________ Facts and Myths
  3. How to ________ Like a Boss
  4. The Real Truth About _________
  5. A Cheat Sheet for ________
  6. What 10 Studies Say About The Best ________
  7. How To ________ Tips
  8. 21+ Easy Ways To ________ In ________
  9. The 10-Minute ________ Solution For The ________
  10. 10-Step Solution For ________

Need more… Use this nifty little resource here…

  1. Head to:
  2. Enter your keyword
  3. Change it so it fits with your business
  4. OR use it as inspiration!

BONUS TIP: If your article or blog post is about a specific location, remember to mention the names of broader areas in the title. For example “5 Best Marketing Agencies in Canterbury, Kent”. This will allow a wider audience to relate to your blog title, as even though they may not live in Canterbury (Town), they may live somewhere in Kent (County).

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