How to write a good job advert

How to write a good job advert


Top 5 takeaways:

  1. Flexible working is more attractive to applicants.

  2. Location information is key to get your ad in front of more people.

  3. Add what your company does.

  4. Including the salary will increase the number of applicants you receive.

  5. Make the job sound interesting, but keeps the job title simple.

Your job advert is often the first contact a potential employee will have with your company. Getting the advert right will ensure you make a good impression and attract the best candidates. Each item will help to attract the right applicants.

Job title

Ideally, keep to simple titles, such as Sales Manager, Electrical Engineer, or Receptionist. These are the titles that potential candidates will use when searching for a job.

Salary or rate of pay

It is not mandatory to include the salary, but it will increase the number of applications. Knowing the pay rate means candidates are less likely to drop out later in the process.

Temp or permanent and hours of work

Clarify whether the vacancy is a permanent, contract, or temporary position.

Specify the working hours, especially those outside the “normal 9 to 5”. The potential to work flexible hours or work from home could be attractive.

This basic information helps applicants decide if the job is right for them before applying.

The location

Clarifying the location helps candidates to decide if they can get to the place of work. It is helpful to say if there is good public transport or on-site parking.

For online searching, the location is a vital point for applicants. Fewer applicants will see the advert if you leave it out or use a broad area description.

Working from home/ hybrid working has recently come to the fore. Make it clear if you can work from home some or all of the time.

Introduce your company

Describe what your company does to attract applicants to work for you. Highlight the company’s values, successes, and the opportunities it offers. Applicants want to work for companies where they have shared values.

Nature of the work and responsibilities

This section should make up the majority of the advert. Be clear about what you expect and what staff must do to succeed. Do not just copy and paste a job description; take time to make the job sound interesting.

The minimum experience, training, or qualifications required.

Some jobs legally require training or qualifications, and you must clarify the requirements—also the type of experience you would expect applicants to have.

Company benefits

If your company offers benefits, then please mention them. Benefits can include training, bonuses, healthcare, pension, discounts, parking, social events, etc.

Application process

Describe the application process, a closing date for applications, interview dates, etc.


Ensure that your advert does not discriminate unfairly regarding age, sex, race, or other protected characteristics. You can check these points with organisations like ACAS.

Do check the spelling and grammar

Ensure you give your applicants the right first impression.

We wish you the best of luck in attracting suitable candidates

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Written by Tony Line

Director, Kent Recruitment Bureau & The JobsBoard.

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