Period Leave – Breaking the bias

Period Leave – Breaking the bias

I do marketing break the bias

This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias. We all have biases — it is part of being human. Our collective biases can show up in the cultures and systems that contribute to gender inequities.

Breaking the bias… What does it mean? 

Changing your beliefs and being open to information that could alter your views for the better.

Today we had some time away from the screen and did an activity ‘to help to forge a more inclusive world’ and below are some of the topics that came up in our session: 

  • Safe work environments
  • Flexible working 
  • Flexible work policies
  • Educational sessions about bias – start with the most difficult
  • Ensuring we ask the questions that break biases to our clients – inclusivity in content
  • Educational pieces on breaking bias throughout our team
  • Recognising our own biases
  • Having open communications about our views
  • Showing diversity through our own content 
  • Asking clients to show diversity through their content
  • Inclusive language e.g. using spouse/partner instead of husband and wife
  • Inclusive holidays – take the allowed time whenever not just for traditional holidays
  • Try to have equal opportunities for all
  • Run staff surveys to understand hidden biases and trends
  • Look out for industry biases and try to break them down where possible
  • Research and don’t just assume

Why not consider some of these to help break your biases.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 16.10.53

To mark IWD2022 we have turned our social media blue and we are being loud and proud about the fact we offer ‘period leave’ otherwise known as menstrual leave. It is a policy that affords women suffering extreme period pain one or two days off work. 

73% of women have struggled to work because of periods


This policy already exists in several companies and countries around the world, but has been widely criticised as counterproductive, often reinforcing negative stereotypes of female workers. 

With so many of us fighting hard for equality in the workplace, is playing the female card like this not taking a step back? 

Our thoughts on this are NO. We’re sharing that we do this today to help to break the bias and encourage others to think similarly.

Surely working when you are uncomfortable whatever your gender isn’t right?!

BUT every month most women experience a period. This needs to be something that businesses consider as part of their flexibility and approach to work.

Many women struggle with severe pain. The top reasons cited for struggling to during menstruation include:

  • low energy (83%)
  • being in pain (79%)
  • less concentration (61%)
  • feeling anxious about leaking (57%) 
  • Having to stop work to take or buy pain medication (50%)

Our aim is to allow flexible leave policies for all workers in I Do Marketing so people can take leave when they’re sick, no matter what the reason. Menstrual cramps are included in this. In addition, for both employees and non-employed valued members of the team we have a flexible approach to working. 

Work from wherever

Work whatever days of the week

Work hours that suit you

This all contributes toward making an environment better for not just women but everyone! 

AND we’re attempting to break the taboo around periods. 

Women find it a difficult subject to bring up and “36% don’t tell the truth about why they were unable to work. Instead, they used different reasons like having the flu, cold or a stomach bug” Bupa.

By allowing period leave it alters the environment and enables women to feel comfortable to take leave, be honest, break the taboo (if they wish to) or ask for an alternative working pattern because of periods.

Are you questioning this business decision? 

GOOD. We have questioned it too. And, we know that with a flexible approach to our working hours, schedule and leave policies we’re enabling a better environment for our team to work, grow and enjoy it! 

What is your opinion?

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