Social Media Trends for the next six months

Social Media Trends for the next six months

Do you have an in-house marketing team that needs a little inspiration to inject more engaging content into your social media strategy? Or perhaps you haven’t seen any uplift from the type of content your team are posting, and you want more from it.

Well, you’re in the right place. Here, we will discover what the marketing world anticipates over the next six months:

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10 Features Your Website Needs

Let’s talk about the hub of B2B social media – LinkedIn

The good news is that company pages are becoming more valuable on LinkedIn. There are now more options for company pages, such as:

  • Following other company pages
  • Engaging (commenting, liking, etc ) with individual profiles and other company pages
  • Sending direct messaging to other company pages
  • Better analytics
  • Paid for premium subscription to get lead notifications and other benefits

So our advice is to continue to put your efforts into LinkedIn company pages if that is where your audience is. However, personal profiles (your individual team members) are still a pivotal part of your LinkedIn strategy. On LinkedIn, algorithms will always favour personal profiles over company pages. Think of your company page as the host of valuable content from which individuals (your team) can share and promote from.

10 Features Your Website Needs

SEO in social media captions

This big change should be considered for any social media strategy in the next six months (and beyond). Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are more frequently being used as search engines, as opposed to Google. Therefore, these social platforms are responding by showing people relevant content based on their searches – that is why having keywords in your captions is increasingly essential.

According to Business Insider, nearly 40% of Gen Z preferred TikTok over Google for searching for information.

There is no doubt that this will creep into the algorithms of other platforms, such as LinkedIn. But what does this mean for your social media content? Just as you would optimise a website article for keywords, you should now do it for your social media captions to maximise your discoverability.

Video first – with a twist

This may not come as a surprise; for the last couple of years, we have always encouraged our clients to be video-first. We know that short-form for socials (up to 90-second clips) continue to engage and perform well, but long-form shouldn’t be overlooked.

Long-form video content is starting to feature more heavily across the platforms. So think about how you can use this to your advantage – perhaps content that better tells your story, customer videos or even educational content.

Give it a go and see how longer-form video content can work for your business.

Transparency in your content – stop selling

This is one that has become increasingly important over the last 12 months, and we anticipate it will only be more so over the next six months.

What do we mean by transparent content? So much research has demonstrated that people buy from companies they trust and like, even in the B2B world.

How do we increase trust and likeability? A great way to do this is by showcasing behind the scenes of your business – here are a couple of examples

  • Your business operations – factory or office processes
  • Your team – always your biggest asset
  • What a typical day at your company looks like
  • The types of projects/orders you are working on
  • Your values & team days out

Ultimately, this type of engaging content is what people enjoy seeing; they love to know that you are a real company with real people, and in return, they will become loyal customers of yours. Remember, non-promotional content ALWAYS does best.

Seize the opportunity and be proactive – use your social data

This is one big thing we are advocating for across all our clients, as it has never been more important to use the valuable data and insights in front of you.

Think of LinkedIn. You will be getting individuals following your company daily and monthly, but is this being monitored? These individuals have a clear interest in your company but slip under the radar. Instead, it would help if you were nurturing the relationship with these individuals.

This is where we stress the importance of aligning your sales and marketing. Use the data between the two departments to generate real results. It isn’t about the ‘sell, sell, sell’; rather, it is about reaching out in a valuable way when the opportunity is relevant.

Similarly, your sales team can aid your social media and marketing content. What are your sales team constantly being asked? How can your marketing team then turn that into valuable and engaging content? Give your prospects a reason to hit that ‘follow’ button.

Top tip – you don’t have to be on all the platforms

This isn’t technically a trend, but when you are assessing you social media and how to maximise its value, it’s important to remember not to spread your resource too thin.

Think back to your strategy – who you want to target and the places they spend their time? Your chosen platforms need commitment and consistency to make them work for your business. Your teams should be on the channels every day, at least twice. Checking in on messages and engaging with relevant content should be seen as a key aspect of your customer service. Not only will this help algorithms, but it also makes your channel feel more human (and trustworthy).

10 Features Your Website Needs

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Written by Suzanne Walter

Senior Marketing Manager

Suzanne is our Senior Marketing Managers who works closely with clients to help realise their business goals and ambitions with a strategic marketing approach. Integrating herself into the client’s businesses, she works from start to finish to ensure the marketing strategy and plans are delivered successfully and effectively.

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