The 30-day Director Challenge

The 30-day Director Challenge

Strong Branding

As the Director of I Do Marketing, and working with 100’s of Directors over the years I hear so often about the challenge of balancing both work and life and the never-ending to-do list, that sense of not feeling accomplished comes up time and time again. There is always more you could do or be doing. I hear you, I am here with you on this never-ending journey and one thing I’m good at is a list, or if I set myself a task/goal I will GET IT DONE.

Getting the right life/work balance.

I’ve learned that getting the right balance in work and life helps both areas. I’m not perfect, I’m certainly not there with this but I am proactive in my approach to it.

This 30 day Directors challenge is designed to help you to feel more accomplished. Not to add another task to your to-do list but to inspire change, make you to think and ‘do’ something proactive for the benefit of both life and business accomplishment.

Give it a go this month and see what happens:

  1. Set a personal goal for the month
  2. Book a coffee with a motivational associate/friend
  3. Write 3 things you need to do by the end of the day
  4. Take a walk outside
  5. Declutter your workspace
  6. Arrange a Leadership Team jolly/event
  7. Post to LinkedIn about your business
  8. Review your strategic objectives
  9. Update your LinkedIn profile
  10. Review your ESG policy
  11. Celebrate an employee
  12. Set aside time for your favorite hobby
  13. Give an update to your employees on the business
  14. Use a notebook for your next meeting – avoid tech distractions
  15. Listen to your favourite music or playlist whilst working
  16. Book a new/different networking event
  17. How can you contribute to your community more?
  18. Listen to an audio book about a trending topic
  19. Review company culture – how has it changed?
  20. Book a restorative break
  21. Create a vision board or list of personal goals
  22. Volunteer or perform a random act of kindness
  23. Book a catch up with each head/director in your business
  24. Reflect on your accomplishments and growth
  25. Reach out to your team for feedback on YOU
  26. Celebrate a business success on LinkedIn
  27. Write a thought-leadership article
  28. Attend and share your knowledge at a mastermind group
  29. Organise yourself with a digital to-do list
  30. Review your progress and celebrate your achievements
Strong Branding

Let me know how you get on and if you enjoyed it I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll explain why I’m doing this. I act as a Marketing Director for a select few businesses. I sit in on monthly management meetings, boards and help them directly with the marketing strategy for the business. I see so many Directors heading toward burn out and sometimes a better mix of work and life is what is needed. Two things to consider here: If you need a better balance, review and adjust. If you need marketing direction for your business, pop me a message.

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Written by Lydia Mckeown

Marketing Director

Lydia founded I Do Marketing in 2016 and has chartered marketer status. Lydia acts as a Marketing Director for a select few of our clients and works with the team on the client’s strategies. She does lots of consultations with new clients and runs our discovery sessions. She also writes client marketing plans and strategy which feeds into all of the marketing we produce or plan for our clients.

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