32 web design principles for a user-friendly website

32 web design principles for a user-friendly website

When designing a website, it’s important to keep a clear vision in mind, but sometimes inspiration can kick in and take your design down a different path. Web design is all about inspiration and presenting your brand in the most creative way possible, without causing confusion. That’s why web design principles are so important to follow when developing your website.

Below are 32 web design principles that will help guide your creativity in the right direction, making your website’s end result both creative and user-friendly.

Web design layout principles:

1. Attractive page layout that keeps your target audience’s attention

2. Navigation area that’s easy to find

3. Consistent header design layout and logo positioning

4. Footer should include copyright, contact details and any useful links/resources

5. Information-rich page titles, that reflect the page’s content

6. Use a good balance of white space, content and images

7. Responsive page design that adapts to smartphone and tablet screen sizes

8. Home page loads within 3 seconds

Web design navigation principles:

9. Website navigation is user friendly

10. Each navigation link is clearly labeled and carry the same design

11. For easy usability, provide breadcrumb navigation where necessary

12. Make sure all links within the main navigation aren’t broken

13. Provide a 404 page that can be used to navigate back to the main home page

14. Break down your website’s navigation into parent and child pages (Services > Web Design)

15. Any blog content should lead onto suggested content, keeping the user on the site

16. Simplify the navigation process on mobile and tablet devices

Web design colour & image principles:

17. Your brand colours should be used consistently throughout all the elements within your web design

18. Your chosen colour scheme should consist of a maximum of four colours, excluding neutral colours

19. Font colours should contrast sufficiently with their background colours, making content easy to read

20. Every image or graphic should serve some purpose to the content that it is paired with

21. Within each img tag, use an alt description to accurately describe any images use on your site

22. Choose brand colours that both contrast and complement each other

23. Use lighter colours when presenting large amounts of content to make the page feel less crowded

24. Any animations or videos used within the sites design shouldn’t distract the user from the website’s content

web design principles

Web design content presentation principles:

25. Content shouldn’t include any outdated information

26. Instead of using “read more” or “click here”, describe the content your site is linking to

27. Use a maximum of three fonts; one for headers, one for content and one for accent/aesthetics

28. All content should provide links to external or internal pages containing complimentary content

29. If info-graphics are used to convey information, standard text content should accompany it

30. Font size, font colours and font styles should be used consistently throughout each web page

31. With blog content, the most recent articles should be shown first

32. Each page and article should be checked for grammatical errors before being published

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