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Email Marketing

As a marketing agency based in Kent we cover a wide variety of digital marketing services. This includes email marketing, which is a fantastic marketing and business tool that can help you spread brand awareness and successfully reach your target audience. This makes promoting your business’ products and services that much easier!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of both digital and direct marketing that provides your business with a way to reach your customers and clients using email. You can use email marketing to promote your latest offers, news and especially the services you can provide your customers with. The goal of each email mailing is to keep your customers up to date and engaged.

These days lot’s businesses feel that email is outdated, but it is still being used by over 4 billion people around the world, 40 years after the first ever email was sent. Email is actually a very powerful marketing tool.

How can email marketing impact your business?

There are so many benefits to email marketing that can greatly impact your business.

Email Marketing Kent

Email marketing builds relationships

With each email mailing sent out, you are strengthening relationships with current and past customers. This builds familiarity between your business and your audience, making people more aware of your brand and your services. Relationships help to keep your audience engaged and thus retained customers of your business.

50% of emails with personalised subject lines
generate 50% higher open rates


Drive traffic anywhere with email marketing

Just like with social media, email marketing allows your business the opportunity to send traffic to anywhere. If you sell products online, you can send traffic to your ecommerce website. If you write articles you can drive your audience to your blog. If you provide products or services at a physical location, you can link to your business’ whereabouts via Google Maps.

Email Marketing Kent

Track audience behaviour

With most email marketing platforms you can identify how your audience uses the emails you send them. You can see how many emails are successfully delivered, how many are opened and how many links are clicked. From this information you can choose which type of content, services or products to prioritise the most, based on which email performs best. This can then be used in other marketing efforts as well.

81% of small and medium businesses rely on emails as
their primary acquisition channel and 80% for retention
– it is a very powerful tool. (Emarsys, 2018)

Email Marketing Kent

Targeting specific audiences with email marketing

Depending on the types of information you have from your current subscribers, you can target those that live in a specific area or even by their age. For example, if you have a business with a location in Kent, we can filter your contacts by their address, and send out emails with Kent-specific offers and news. Tailoring your email marketing to specific audiences is a great way of providing information that your audience is more invested in.

Email Marketing Kent

Word of mouth

Emails are so easy to share, one click and you can forward an email to a friend or colleague. When you send out an email campaign, it isn’t necessarily being sent to just your contacts. If your email is eye-catching and interesting, your contacts may forward them onto their own contacts. This could lead to more email subscribers and your audience growing.

Email marketing platforms we work with

At I Do Marketing we produce email campaigns using three different platforms:

Email Marketing Kent

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© I DO MARKETING Ltd 2024 All Rights Reserved – Kent Marketing Agency serving businesses in Kent & London