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Our Ethos

Find out more about I Do Marketing’s ethos through the activities, associations and ESG contributions.

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Our Ethos

Find out more about I Do Marketing’s ethos through the activities, associations and ESG contributions.

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Brand Values | Networking | Associations & Partnerships | Period Leave | Living Wage Employer | University/Educational Contributions | Charity Work | Chartered Institute Of Marketing Partnership | Environmentally Friendly Marketing | Educational Commitment

Brand Values

IDM values

Our brand values are a collection of words we compiled as a team. The words represent what is important to each of us with respect to our team, our clients and in general.

Giving Back:

Through Charity:


Take Off

Why do we work with this charity?

For a long time, Lydia, our Director, has wanted to give back, and working with a charity has been top of the list. We sat down as a team to review charities with which we felt an affinity and felt we could help make a difference.

Take Off Document Header & Email Signature (1)

Take Off felt right. We commend them for their efforts in helping Kent people with their mental health. We could also tell they needed help to stand out amongst big names in their field.

Since then, we have worked with them to sort out their strategy and clean up their act on social media. Currently, we are working on a campaign to get more local businesses to engage with them to raise awareness, profile, and donations. Check it out here:

Through Our Community:

We have been a partner of the University of Kent’s Employability Points scheme for over 4 years now. Each year, we have an intern for the summer period to experience what it is like to work for I Do Marketing. The calibre of candidates is always outstanding. Sharing our knowledge with them feels like a great exchange as we always look forward to seeing what these university students can bring to the organisation too.


We have hosted many talks at local universities, colleges and schools to share our knowledge and inspire the younger generations to have a career in marketing. We are also very proud to have graduated our own apprentice with a distinction.



We are great networkers and connectors. “Your network is your net worth”. Have you heard this before? For us, to be able to find great businesses and connect them with others is what we are all about. You’ll find us on the networking circuit locally because we love to spread the word about what we do, and networking is a great opportunity to do this.


We enjoy meeting new people, and to help facilitate this, we run a free monthly networking event at our offices in Canterbury. Join us next month:


Our business associations and affiliations are very important for us to demonstrate our experience, knowledge and professionalism.

We are proud to be associated with:

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Company Policies:

Period Leave

In 2022, we introduce period leave to enable our team to take the time as needed each month. You can read more about this here: Period Leave

Living Wage Employer

We are an accredited Living Wage Employer. Introducing the Living Wage was a no-brainer for us. We didn’t have to change anything to make this happen because we are already paying a Living Wage to our team. What it does mean is that in the future, when the Living Wage increases, we will review to ensure we are always paying appropriately for the best experience for our team and clients’ It is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. This is a long-term investment in our people based on our values.

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EV chargers kent home page

Environmentally Friendly Marketing:

EV chargers kent home page

We host websites for many of our clients and those we have developed websites for. We do this as environmentally friendly as we can. Our hosting provider employs renewable energy sources to energise their data centers and facilities. This entails utilising electricity derived from naturally replenished resources, including sunlight, wind and rain.

Here are a few other actions we’ve taken as a team to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Solar array on office roof – a proportion of our energy needs are met by utilising solar pv.
  • Electric Car fuelled with solar energy.
  • Paperless office – as much as we can!
  • Minimal use of plastics
  • Environmentally friendly options for branded merchandise – our coasters are made from recycled car tyres!


Our ongoing commitment to education:

Education is important to us. Experience is just as important. We are constantly learning and doing this through CPD – continuing professional development. The team are always learning, and this ensures we stay up to date with our industry changes. We are a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which helps us to stay up to date with this, but we also pick up on trends and changes through our work; if one of us learns something, we share this with the whole team. We build our experience through doing the job and learning from each other.

Our members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

Lydia, Our Director, is a Chartered Marketer and Fellow Member – this means she has to stay up to date with the latest marketing developments to maintain her chartership.


Suzanne is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which means she stays current with the latest marketing developments through CPD.



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© I DO MARKETING Ltd 2024 All Rights Reserved – Kent Marketing Agency serving businesses in Kent & London