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Case Study

Take Off is a peer-led mental health and wellbeing charity that aims to reach and help as many people as possible with their groups and services in Kent.

Their mission is to support people in our local area with mental health issues to improve their wellbeing and find ways to improve their lives. 

Breaking those boundaries and encouraging individuals to seek help for their mental health has never been more critical. With their 100% user-led approach, they provide peer support services and a range of group sessions to support anyone who may be struggling and are making it their mission to reach and help as many people as possible with their groups and services.

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Services: Your Marketing Manager, Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, SEO Support, Website Mock-Up & Design, Marketing Plan & Strategy.

Problem: As a Kent charity, they were struggling to increase their awareness and reach new peers, attendees and funders in the local community. They were challenged to find the time and expertise to create a strategy to help them reach their goals. 

Solution: We worked with the team to introduce a market strategy starting with an in-depth discovery session, researching the market and then turning our ideas and strategies into an action plan. Following that, we supported Take Off with graphic design, website development, increase their visibility online via Google and social media, campaign planning and monthly review meetings.


  • Help Take Off create a consistent brand and help increase local brand awareness
  • Help them develop a website to match their new branding 
  • Help them create a user-friendly site with optimal SEO 
  • Create a strategy to help them build relationships with other local businesses and attract new peers.

Lydia, our Director says: 

“Our goal is to help build a brand for Take Off that reflects their life-changing work to help them to help others. Working with a charity has always been a personal goal of mine and aligns with the business ethos. It’s a great feeling to combine our love of marketing with helping organisations that make a difference in our community and benefit from our support and expertise to help others further.”


Take Off Testimonial

“The team made us feel at home in a comfortable and welcoming environment to watch and participate in the initial discovery presentation. 

They took their time with us, which was refreshing as we were completely new to marketing, and we had many questions. They were patient, knowledgeable and flexible with suggestions we had, how to decide on our branding and decide on the final images/ideas. The presentation was clear and easy to follow (this was important for us as we needed to share it with our Trustees after the Discovery Session, so we needed to be able to follow the pack and explain it). 

The team had fantastic, innovative ideas that fit with our charity and showed that they listened to us and wanted to incorporate and improve our existing branding and culture. Individuals within the team took turns to explain different parts of the presentation, which showed that they each had their area of expertise and had worked well independently, then came together to produce the discovery pack. Therefore, we were assured that we would work well with the team. We have been absolutely blessed that they are working with us, and we cannot thank them enough.”

– Ellie, Director Of Operations

Check out Take Off’s socials & brand new website:

We are pleased to have worked with Take Off to launch a new campaign to attract new businesses to help them raise their profile and donations. You can read more about this on Take Off’s website here.

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© I DO MARKETING Ltd 2024 All Rights Reserved – Kent Marketing Agency serving businesses in Kent & London